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Re: Where do i start

So I’ve been playing on Mabon for ages now and was wondering where you guys suggest i should try next, i prefer active servers with pretty full auction houses. I know epona is hella popular so it makes the list but where else should i be thinking about? Bele and mabon have close ties and many peopl...

Re: How long time does it take to lvl up a toon to 220?

Epownage wrote:1-90 in snorri pit is %100 do-able in 5 lixes. So 1-90 takes ~ 1 hour 15 minutes. 90-200+ is the pain, but I've seen it done in a few days time with good gear and dedication(and probably about 100 red bulls).

I got 1-150 in 3 days with a friend 2 weeks ago, itd the 190+ grind that sucks

Re: Unlinking facebook

If you un-link your Facebook account within the Facebook settings, it does not communicate with us that you have done so. If you do this method, you will be unable to log back into Celtic Heroes unless you re-link using the same Facebook account. You can always submit a ticket to Support if you wis...

Re: Event

Again.. another base in Belenus. What's the points of this event? Giving more doch gul to top clans? How tf can an inferior clan compete in this event against the superior clan? I mean we thought that we could time the kills so both prime and gele will spawn both time so the top clan will need to c...

Re: Let’s Revive Nuada!

Everything is pretty much half the price of other servers x,D I can sell u chests 45k ea np ezpz, we have a few discord servers you could join to buy/sell things hmu if u have any questions, Spilt#2968. I send footies too rogue and Karam are top noobs, I'm beast and best ranger. everyone else sucks...

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