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Re: Fire mage build question.

Focus is the least important stat for damage lmao what advice is this? Cooldown reductions are by far the most important pieces to go for, followed by dmg boost, fire magic, then focus. Get an offhand shield and/or tank ammy with a bunch of e sigs if you want to solo. Why would you use a focus offha...

Re: Edl/Dl Spite

Mage. One necro, 2 prot base, no mord kills out of prob 100 attempts timing every skill perfectly with 3 godly cooldown reduction items and spamming e pots to avoid waiting a few extra secs for my 6k sigs to tick. Meanwhile my level 190 rogue and 200 warrior combined for 5 kills out of 7 attempts on...

Re: Edl/Dl Spite

You realize that 50 focus adds like 5 dmg per skill on bosses right? I'm not sure how you can so certainly say that rogue offhand is worse than mage. But I guess the only comparison people make nowadays is ranger vs mage, because mage is so far out of the picture anyways. Might as well keep mage as ...

Re: Edl/Dl Spite

As it stands the rogue offhand skill is the worst out of all 3. Its behind mage offhand skill in the realistic scenario. Please don't pull the numbers 1v1 coz it doesn't exist anymore on raids. On an average 4-5rondels are usually there in most raids. 7-8 in major raids. There is very well a chance...

Re: Good endgame stats

MortalCreed wrote:
BlackMamba wrote:My mage has you beat on focus, energy, carried items, sigils, and plat. I think we are about even

Sounds about right to me lol

At least you can admit it, good on you

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