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Re: Hello players!

I am a level 40 Ranger on the Arawn Server. I enjoy this game very much and I have even told my friends to try this game and even them really love this game. I have been playing for around a month and I am loving this game. All the people I play with are on the Arawn Server.

Re: Bows?

Oh.. So I'm not there yet. Are there any other bows that are better than the Ancient Short-bow and the Crafted War Bow that are in my level range?


Are there any fellow rangers that know where to find different bows? I have the Ancient Short Bow that does 30 damage. I would like to buy a new bow, but I'm not sure I have the money to do so. Are there any bows in my level range? I am a level 37 ranger. The bow I really want is the flintbow or the...

Where do I find...

Where do I find the
1. Blue/Red Book Quest
2. Carrowmore Tunnels
3. Dunskieg Sewers
4. Fingals Cave

I am a level 38 Ranger in the Arawn Server and I am looking for some skills that are found in these areas. Any tips?

Everbloom Chests

Ok.. If you have seen my other posts, you can see I am a very confused person. I have seen videos other players with a pet that looks like a flower with teeth. Any way how to get it? Also, I've heard of Ever-bloom Chests. Is there an easy way to get them without spending money? Thanks -Shaboopla lvl...

Ranger Skills

Do any fellow rangers have advice for the best skill builds? I am a level 32 ranger. I have no idea how to get the rest of the skill besides from Cathal the Ranger. Does anyone know where to get the rest of the skills? I'm most excited for explosive arrows and double shot. I don't know where to find...

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