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Re: Dino Event

Sent you a pm. I base my arguments off of what has been said, and I have reasons to back up those thoughts. That was the whole point of the design of the raid... it’s supposed to be a progression boss, something clans had to work for over a long period of time of building up more Dg sets and obtain...

Re: Dino Event

VR would make it so that the nukes have to be killed... they have basically implied they do not want any cheese methods to work on the nukes. That includes freezing (although during testing it was found freezing does not stop the nuke timer), root glitching, or pulling it way off to the side. They’...

Re: Looking for some Spice in your Life? New Video! StormrageAwaken VS Saltsehealer, Battle of the Doch Gul Druids

New Video : Celtic Heroes | StormrageAwaken vs Saltyse | 10 Duel Feature: https://youtu.be/8-6XUAWhiDo Thank you StormrageAwaken for the duels! Who should I duel next? Very nice vid salty, how about some valentines day duel tournament in the arena o.o 2v2s from each server I’ll do a 10 chest reward

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