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Re: Extend event until Monday?

Everyone's acting like this is the first time a game company has ever ended a limited time event on time lol. It's not a matter of listening to the community or not - the event was supposed to run for 5 days, so it is going to end on the 5th day. Yes, there were some unfortunate login issues throug...

Arcane Event.

About 2 pages of area logged into arcane sanctum today only 8 individuals of the 2 pages were from my clan, the rest of our clannies couldn't log, the other clan got lock, point is events like this only favor top clans on various servers, and I suggest you make arcane sanctum a private clan based ar...


First off I would like to appreciate the Ch team for taking time to release these events during this time of physical isolation ( I call it physical cos we still interact with friends through Ch), very thoughtful of them, and I'm quite enjoying the XP event, I can finally get 220 (216 atm) but what ...

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