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Re: Heal majestic vs godly

The relationship is approximately 5 nature magic = 1 focus

So... 700 Nature Magic + 70 Focus is roughly 700 + 350 = 1050 Nature Magic

It is expected that the Majestic ring will give slightly more healing power!

Re: Question about focus

The functions for skills technically don't converge (they are square root functions). I generally go by filling up health first, and placing everything else into focus. The majority of your stat points will come from gear, so use the flexibility to fill the missing gaps. I like having 9-12k hp, so I...

Re: New clan- AoD

Welcome :) Ryan's ingame character name is "Ryan Dragon" Taranis United is the cooperative system we have in place primarily for Taranis' endgame -- when you reach Dragonlord Armor quests (level 150+) start looking into the community! I strongly recommend your clan adopt LINE for offgame c...

Re: Is Taranis the largest server now?

Precisely regen, not sure if you're being critical or not... but 1300 unique high level players is near the entire population of some entire other servers. Which would be amazing! Either way, I am very happy to see so many fresh faces on our server. Seeing the low level zones chocked full of people...

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