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Re: Apostate braces

To be fair, there is still a reward when farming. If you are a lower level, you are getting exp. If you aren't low enough to be getting exp, you are still getting gold and drops that can be turned into gold, not to mention all the rings that are sure to drop. There are still rewards - just not the ...

Re: Apostate braces

If it's the strongest gear in the game, it better be nearly impossible to get. The "bad for people's health" argument is pretty weak. Doing anything in excess is bad for you, it's up to the person themselves to use common sense to moderate their actions. Leveling to endgame can be bad for...

Re: Apostate braces

Is the dev team ever planning on changing these drop rates? The superior weapons being extremely rare is cool and all because they're not useful just weird and cool. You made the strongest gear in the game impossible to find. Some people have spent the equivalent of a full week of 24/7 farming mindn...

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