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Re: Login glitch

Haven't really noticed that much of a growth in the community that it would cause a strain on the servers lol... Well, if you look at the most users online at once from the forum, then you will see that it was on February, 2020 with 1111 users on at once. So, the community is certainly growing. Not...

Re: Server merge

Please merge Sulis with another server. My hope would be fingal, but fingal is active. Just my characters are from sulis and fingal. Hopefully Sulis is merged

I am +1/2 (1/2 because I feel like my reason is not entirely for the right reasons)

Re: Heeeyyyyy VR!!

The servers are not worse or "downgraded" than before. The community is growing and increasing the strain of the login servers. Ensuring players are able to login in an timely manner and reducing disconnects remains is one of the team's top priorities. Thank you for letting us know when i...


Another server did this and it ended up being really useful. This is a topic meant to help people find what they are looking for. Suggested format : Username : x buying/selling item : X Price : X gold Sold/Bought by : X I know you won't have a Sold/Bought by right away I just hope you edit it in eve...

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