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PvP Build

Can someone tell me good max damage build for pvp, i am at a loss xD

What skills do i use? What Stats do i put?


Re: Rogue vs Mage - WHO IS BETTER? (fast levelling up)

Pig and Phoenix best for warrior tank, for DPS I would go with dragon or seedling Well, this is already a boring game. Collect gold for the phoenix or dragon. I was thinking of collecting gold for 180-190 on the bosses. And then the fishing is very boring. And I asked about the pig or the hare as i...

Re: Account Name Conflict

i tried logging in on my old toon acc from yrs ago and it says Account Name Confict? can i get some help with this please Shoot an email to support@onethumbmobile.com with the account username and they will help ya out. It should be an easy fix, but it may be a few days before you hear back from th...

Re: Question to VR..

People in our clan didn't even hide the gold as they thought it was legitimate and you should really have t&c in game maybe at log in screen so people can read as alot of people are unaware of forums, or makr your forums more known to people like a message popup at the beginning of the game... S...

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