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Re: New clan on Gwydion

I'm just enjoying Bob defending how fun he is :D :P Sadly though I feel like people aren't going to want to come and join our lovely fun server for fear of being subjected to wordy rebukes should they ever step out of line ;) o.O D: But what would I be without my signature bob essays :cry: Idk I ge...

Re: New clan on Gwydion

Yey for making Gwydion fun again :D I think this doesn’t reflect gwyd culture and assumes that gwyd hasn’t always been a fun place. If you want to claim to be a happy yet competitive place, I don’t see why you would need to try and make digs at a clan that has done nothing to limit your ability to ...

Re: New clan on Gwydion

Hail detergent. Looking forward to some awesome lock fights in the near future :) Gwyd been a bit dry since insurgence died off and it’s going to be awesome to bring back the server’s characteristic healthy competition. Wish you all the best of luck and look forward to competing with you all at bos...

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