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hi lol which server do chests sell the cheapest ON??? i want to move my fishing journey to a server where my money willl be valued more. so which server is the economy the 'cheapest' where most items are cheap such as chests lix and stuff like that nature, please no arguements i just want to know th...

Re: Programming Help.

Eragon123 wrote:Glad ya got it fixed! Seems like a neat system, good luck with it!

fixxed it. The text box identified as txtPass.Text was a error, was actually called txtPassword.Text

Re: Programming Help.

lol..... i was trying to fix it and had a look at data sources and was able to setup a view customers page and have it work! amazinggggg https://i.postimg.cc/SRw6RcLf/Capture.png blurring out the sensitives... btw dont ask for the tool. its aprivate one for friends, the cost is 100k per person... i ...

Programming Help.

Hello. you will find me on rosmerta normally fishing for upwards of 10 hours a day. But on the days im at university i do 1 hour of code club each day. and ive been doing c# and recently ventured into SQL, i am making a private timers app(sorry its not gonna be public unless ik u) bc of the ones peo...

Re: Personal Progression

mini update: progress is going well, 3.5 days in. total of 560k gold from 0. will post a photo of a text file of my gold progress each day of the month, so in total i hope to have 12 updates. THanks for reading. also, my ideal gold is 50m but do you guys think 50m now will be worth much less than 50...

Personal Progression

Hey, dont reply to this it is not of any importance. this is for my personal progression of my goal to reach 50,000,000 gold. I am doing this completely by merching and fishing and hope to reach it within one calendar year(around 360 days) from tomorrow i will have 0 gold. level 80 fishing and no me...

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