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Re: Event

Ikr this is so unfair guys what the hekk we cant even get any bosses even with all our duped perf baras, we have been wasting 8 of them every prot lock and we still cant get sets out without duping, Fix unfair game ;-; This post is about how automatic Prime’s were promised and bases have been spawn...

Re: Event

Again.. another base in Belenus. What's the points of this event? Giving more doch gul to top clans? How tf can an inferior clan compete in this event against the superior clan? I mean we thought that we could time the kills so both prime and gele will spawn both time so the top clan will need to c...

Server Login Issue

Recently alot of my clan members (including myself) have been unable to login to the game after logging out. Just stuck on the loading page for a while, even after refreshing the game ect. Other servers experiencing the same problem? If so i’d appreciate if this problem could be forwarded to the in-...

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