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Re: Hellsteed

Miakoda wrote:Have essences been removed from chests, or will they remain until the current Samhain chests are swapped out for Yule chests? Anyone have the official answer?

Mostly will be removed at the start of Yule event, but no they have not been removed yet.

Re: How much attack is too much

Misdemeanor wrote:Heya, i was curious what a good goal for attack should be before i focus more on damage

This is assuming im a 220 full dg ranger with edl bow and t10 offhand.


12k should be a good enough range
and if your a full dg ranger with some good attk jew you prob already fly pass that easy

Re: Dear Santa

Please fix the lag and allow swaps to be smooth again, many people on my server cannot use swaps effectively because the lag is horrendous. Started noticing it this past week, last night could hardly swap in summoning chambers at all. Sincerely ~ Dps toons Been having same problem this pass week, w...

Re: Bounty event soon :-) (maybe)

Lol, sorry, but it was inevitable that the memes would descend. But I had a sparkly blast :D and will definitely call you guys the next time I need to plan a party lol. And I can say that without a doubt, it’s Rab’s fault (as usual). I wana choke that yellow neck of yours and turn you into a red wo...

Re: Bounty event soon :-) (maybe)

I wana choke that yellow neck of yours and turn you into a red woad You do and I’ll sic my Ninja on you. That poor guy doesn’t need to get mixed up in this, he’s only just stopped twitching. Instead, might I recommend that you show Rab some good ole disrespect, as prescribed by the doc. pfft no, th...

Re: Bounty event soon :-) (maybe)

Awww, it's ruined, memes have entered the story :( Anyways, thank you both for participating, y'all made this far more fun than I intended - we shall have to do it again sometime (prepare yourselves forums). @mods....I'm not really sure what happened here, and I have a nagging feeling that we might...

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