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Re: Faction level 3 to 4

I have the same issue with it at the moment I got the wrong quest I suppose to kill lich instead of reavers but I'll leave it that way is gonna be hard and I did kill for about few days but it seems that no matter how much I kill lich now the reaver bar won't drop or is there a way to reset it beca...

Re: Server Login Issue

There has been login issues on epona for a while now. Mainly during bloodthorn raids if you disconnect or crash you can’t login (even in other areas) until the boss is dead and some people leave corrupted gardens.
But this may be unrelated. I assume your issues don’t only occur during bloodthorn kills

Re: New item drop locations

I would really like a magic lure ring for my druid so I have to bring this up again: Does anyone know if the rare 5* who drop lure rings spawn at random or specific spots? The only picture I found in this thread was Rage of the Deathless dropping east of palace entrance leystone. I heard different s...

Re: New item drop locations

Found this ring here from a 5* in ow to the right of where the wraith boss spawns at the fortress ley. https://i.postimg.cc/j5SPz4dr/Screenshot-20191101-153729.png https://i.postimg.cc/PfcYwDgB/Screenshot-20191101-153851.png There seem to be multiple spawn points for that. Some player on epona got ...

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