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Re: Bejewelled egg

Just completed my white Ostara hat non effect and within that time only received 4 bejewelled eggs. So now comes along 81k eggs to be farmed and hoping I get some more bejewelled drops....all comes down too rng. :/

Re: Bejewelled egg

Yea they do drop. I received one after about 500+ wisps, the drop rate is ridiculously stupid plus making the eggs non tradable but the hats tradable? Why not make them both tradable. To be able to get highest tier glimerwing ostara hat is going to require a huge amount of hours put in, not worth it.

Re: Morrigan server crashed

Dequon wrote:Perhaps a free chest or some sort of present for all these resets... worth a shot right?

Seriously though the resets are starting to burn members out in both lix and time

They are resets, doesn't mean you have to attend them. It's yours choice at the end of the day...

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