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Re: New player build please

In the early levels rouges are annoying to level. They die a lot, because they don’t have much defense/armor. The build I’d suggest is to pump points into vitality, only if u notice that your rouge dies too much. At the same time pump points into dexterity, which will help u block/dodge more attacks...

Re: Where can I get started out great without spending money?

Honestly your best bet to making gold in the starting levels 1-100, is to farm wheat. U can sell it 40-60g a piece, it’s really easy to farm, but it sucks and takes a while, but it’s doable. I’ve farmed over 3000 wheat in an hour and sold it all for over 150k. Fast and easy money

Re: Mabon Trade?

General items
Chests - 35/50k
Haste - 6k
Combo/Hero - 10k/18k
Mount token - 70k
Pet token - 30/40k
Any other lix - 750/1k
Sigs - 10k
Alt/Reb Book - 15/20k
Aeon 80% Mount - 250/300k
Back pack exp - 9/15k
Bank exp - 5/10k

Re: Question to VR..

VR needs to look at this situation from OUR point of view, all VR does is get their gear for free, (getting an unfair advantage over other players), who ACTUALLY play the game and EARN their items. Yes you are the developers but hello we also want really good gear and lots of gold. So yalls need to ...

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