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Re: Mage question

Thanks for the help guys! But... what should be my health when I hit carrow? like level 140+? For now I always upgrade my focus every level Also should I change my gear? I use savage warthog 85% speed with 30 hp/energy regen with heroic ammy and 10 per tick hp and energy bracelets(OW Bracelets). My ...

Mage question

Umm Hello! so it comes to my mind to try out mage and I'm loving it with using fire skills. My question is does 3 foc/2 vit stat distribution applies every level or i should change it when I reach a certain level? Also should I use regens if I can't purchase sigils? Thats all my questions on my mind...

Re: Frenzy

It does increase damage, I examined this by first hitting a mob then on a second mob with same level and star, I used frenzy, It does have changes on my damage. I didn't use any other skills, just used frenzy to know the difference of my auto attacks. But yeah you will see the difference as you leve...

How do I change my forum password?

Well...to be honest I forgot my password. BUT I asked CH to let me open my account and emailed me random password. Now my password is long. I'm asking where is the option to change my password here in forums. Thank you! :) EDIT: Nevermind, I'm so stupid because I didn't notice the "Edit account...

Warrior level 100-150 question

Hello! so I currently have Golden blade of ice, is it fine to use it until 150? I'm short for the carro axe yet but I'll get it soon :)

Also do warriors need regens?

Currently level 113

Stats splitted to vitality and strength with a little points to focus

Thank you! :0

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