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Re: Dragon Count in Each Pit

This event is good because of the multiple mobs spawning at a similar time all with drops. The usual bosses were getting a little more boring because even though theres 5-20 mobs to take down the extra drops makes it fun for everyone because you can pick and choose and also you can take the left ove...

Re: I Remember and I Miss stuff

Also the amount of presents needs to scale higher because putting out 45 presents for players sucks when theres 20 people collecting them The amount of event bosses should scale up to 5 instead of keeping it to three the level gaps are just so extreme and dont cater to low levels nearly as much. Whi...

Re: I Remember and I Miss stuff

I miss the present collecting it gave the events a whole new feel, the tiered system was good except for the random one that kinda sucked. The lack of sparkles and effects was nice because now i go to a boss and i lag and all i see are the effects. Stonevale used to be awesome with the whisps and no...

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