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Re: Eo's Rogue PvP/LvLing Build.

For those of you wanting to duel it would be best with this: Strength: 100 Dexterity: 50 Focus: 5-10 Vitality: Max For those wanting to kill bosses and have gotten to the point where levelling is near impossible: Strength: Max Dexterity: 50 Focus: 5-10 Vitality: 200-300 Basically the reason for heal...

Re: Wow hold up...rouge tanks?

Heh i may have been one of the people doing that... What i did was increase my health to 2000 and use charstone rings to have a total of ~450 armour, a max being up to 538. With one druid I've been able to tank all Stonevale bosses, with an exception to the ones for the Meteroic quest line. Is it po...

Re: Are we cash cows to onethumbmobile now? Big Mistake

A good compromise would be to increase the crystal drops... You would think that a hunk of rock compared to a crystal would be worth more but I suppose thats not the case. Even if the prices ranged from 100-300 for normal drops it would be considered fair as its hard enough getting drops, let alone ...

Re: Rogue-Why should I play it?

One of the few classes that can clear the grove in under 20 seconds solo. Get a Winter King dagger and you can 2-3 hit all mobs (besides masters and dreamsong wisps) in under 2 seconds. As for TheDarkSide... There are other rogues that are in front of you. Sneakypants i believe is one of them.

Re: The other world

Maybe not even have to do the warden? I know its not that hard to do if your with friends but even if was the Stonevale one with the druids? You talk to them and they say that this is where Falgren went for such a long time and now you must go there. You would then have a portal or something that br...

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