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Re: Max dps stats

Bowz wrote:So I had a bloodthorn set on mixed peices to have max str possible, imperial gele brace, godly and royal blunt necro ring, imperial frenzy prot ring, imperial str prot brace, lvl 200 two handed blunt weap and a perfected bara

Imagine those stats with the 480 crush and str food instead 0.o

Re: New offhand axe

How bad is the skill if they haven't buffed it after the beta and Is anyone close to getting T8? Im only t5 cus I gave my alts' troves to tanks so I cant help yet but I really want to know too. What sort of skill are you hoping the axe will have? I don't think they would add a buff like the EDL qui...

Re: Braces to use as a DPS sword warrior without access to STR & ATK Prot braces

Wardon-CH wrote:Shine stone hunter braces give 125 str and 450 attack. Really just any brace that will boost strength and attack will be useful.

Could the new braces with Cold, melee combat and Hp work? the melee combat would buff my frenzy instead of attack directly and the cold dmg instead of str is alright.

Braces to use as a DPS sword warrior without access to STR & ATK Prot braces

I am currently working towards getting my DPS Sword warrior build in working order and was wondering what braces people would recommend if I cant get hold of Str/Vit/Atk prot braces or a gele axe any time soon. I was also wondering what the skill on the T8 offhand axe was and would appreciate it if ...

Faction T4 vendors

Could someone please post the stats of the jewellery in the T4 faction vendors so people can decide whether or not to grind from 3-4. I'm currently Lich 3.75 and would love to know the stats of the warrior brace and ring.


Re: Faction weekly weapons

The weapons are the same that were in closed beta lux shop. Otm should turn them back purple though ;) https://s31.postimg.cc/n51myuaff/CB3_F823_C-273_D-487_E-_BEBC-7422_A11906_FD.jpg https://s31.postimg.cc/t5zbw1f2z/B3_E14_F9_C-0_BAE-43_D2-9_E73-3_FAEC5_B64806.jpg Was there a lux axe in the vendor...

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