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Re: Kron Jewelry

Kron spawns in Murky, North-East of the leystone in the square room (on the way to Necro) :)
There are lots of other legacies of a similar level lurking in Murky, they're great fun to hunt out as well.

Re: New revised free plat wall

Schwing wrote:We have 2 options ironsource and fyber which should be going ok, test them and let us know if you have any issues.

It only shows Fyber as an option for me, and says "No offers available" when I look. Perhaps it's due to location. I'd really like to see free offers come back :)

Re: Is Colours cleaning Arawn?

As has been mentioned, we (Colours) often work in different timezones to Res. We don't have the numbers that Res has, but we're strong in our timezone. We're just starting distributing dg pieces, we distribute based on attendance (no voting etc). I believe we've grown due to the dedication of many o...

Re: EDL boss timers

I think they should definitely decrease the 4* spawns for edl (or at the very minimum increase the probability that they'll drop an item). Camping and keeping timers for hours only to see a continuous stream of 4* with no drops can make it boring. The length of timers is fine but I am of the opinion...


No we catched times befoure we knew what time is supose to be so we accidently found mistake...... Anyway times need to be less for 40 minutes if i undersrood right. That meand grom is not 3 h but 2 h 20m Just want to mention, this isn't the case :) Timers have been changed but not by a flat 40m. B...

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