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Nuada to Sulis

Hello :)
As the title says, looking for a transfer from nuada to sulis.
Looking to transfer 5m/lixes (or both) for chests/gold/lixes on Sulis.
If interested hmu/comment below or feel free to mail me in-game (Spilt)

:D looking forward to destroying you all :)

Nuada to Sulis

Once the servers are back up, looking to transfer Gold(5m) /Lixes(mostly sk/hp/energy) from nuada to sulis :)

Leme know here / mail me in-game if anyone can do so :D

PS: accepting chests on Sulis too

Re: Family ambicious clan

Whatever haters may say about this clan, they don't really know much about it. As a general who has been in this clan since it came out of the downfall of DEATHSEEKERS (which was 7 months ago), I have experienced everything that has to do with being a PsychO. I must say that this clan is one of the...

Transfer from Mabon to Nuada!

Hello! Looking for a transfer from Mabon to Nuada, however, I have gold on mabon which I would like to give for items in Nuada (lixes(no wisdom), pots, mount/pet tokens,sigs,lux) I'll be paying the gold for each item based on mabons prices! (and extra if I trade off everything in one go) (Also have ...

Timer App

Hello! Just a friendly player hanging here and there, Not sure if this would help a lot or if people know, but there's a great timer app that helps keep track of times. (But this one is special) It's an app specially for CH with preset times for all bosses. All a person has to do is start the timer ...

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