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Re: Major issue *read nuadans*

Robert wrote:
Spilt wrote:I already have someone as my apprentice


I think we can all agree king does a better job at healing with Lev 1 bandage wounds than DPS. :0 *

Also naw I got better taste in apprentices :/ it's someone

[*an enemy has been made today]

Re: Top clan and Server

Just kidding. Top clan at the moment is Apex (We have killed bosses upto Gele and going to attempt BT soon) ((Yes the server has killed BT before)). Currently we have a decent competitive clan called Grace They have decent players and give us a run for our lixes. In apex we have rolling system for m...

Re: Top clan and Server

Top Clan? Apex Top clan's system? Rolls+Dkp How difficult it is to earn gear from this system? Easy if you are active Probation? Idk Any comp? Yes How active server as a whole? Active How active is top clan and other clans? pretty active Prices on lixs cheap Prices on sigs cheap too Population Very ...

Nuada to Sulis

Hello :)
As the title says, looking for a transfer from nuada to sulis.
Looking to transfer 5m/lixes (or both) for chests/gold/lixes on Sulis.
If interested hmu/comment below or feel free to mail me in-game (Spilt)

:D looking forward to destroying you all :)

Nuada to Sulis

Once the servers are back up, looking to transfer Gold(5m) /Lixes(mostly sk/hp/energy) from nuada to sulis :)

Leme know here / mail me in-game if anyone can do so :D

PS: accepting chests on Sulis too

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