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Re: Dhio dead by Arawn Resurgence

Good to see that its killed in arawn after the manipulation done by sabe and diesal. When am I getting my majestic blood, imperial quick strike brace, and imperial osan ammy back? The same day that not only do i get my godly osan ammy back, my blood rings, and my other qs brace back. Along with my ...

Re: Is Colours cleaning Arawn?

Not sure what you mean by cleaning but I assume killing all eg? Colours are able to kill up to proteus. The thing that separates colours and resurgence is a huge time zone gap. As far as outdpsing dg sets, I don’t think so. For example at 2am eastern time resurgence has a total of around 10 people o...

Re: Changes - Bloodthorn loot

Well instead of nerfing BT ammy drop rates improve the actual ammys Rogue/ranger Ammys- add raw damage replace secondary stat e.g. Str/Vit/ damage , Dex/Vit/Damage Druid/Mage ammys- adds 15-20 skill points, raw skill damage ( to compete with melee ammys) Warrior- dps ammy remove armour and add dama...

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