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Re: Is Colours cleaning Arawn?

Not sure what you mean by cleaning but I assume killing all eg? Colours are able to kill up to proteus. The thing that separates colours and resurgence is a huge time zone gap. As far as outdpsing dg sets, I don’t think so. For example at 2am eastern time resurgence has a total of around 10 people o...

Re: Changes - Bloodthorn loot

Well instead of nerfing BT ammy drop rates improve the actual ammys Rogue/ranger Ammys- add raw damage replace secondary stat e.g. Str/Vit/ damage , Dex/Vit/Damage Druid/Mage ammys- adds 15-20 skill points, raw skill damage ( to compete with melee ammys) Warrior- dps ammy remove armour and add dama...

Re: Bt healing bug fixed

Had our first real attempt today got bt down to 3% before it raged.. it instantly healed to about 60% lol gonna give it a go later tonight at 9pm est again on arawn and hopefully get him down before rage.. after rage this boss is now unkillable as all bosses should be after rage. This is a great ch...

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