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Re: Warning: Scammer rampage

Tbh I really agree with kezmiu however most of what he said I didn’t need under stand, but making a post for these is useless everywhere in castle people telling each other to becarfull, she came here making post in these server especially is useless cus all the server know about it

Re: Warning: Scammer rampage

Omfg... all ppls in server know about that ... u don’t say nothink new about that. People know and yet people still get scammed, which is sad. Kind of why I made this thread to encourage spreading awareness. Whoever get scammed by fake accounts anywhere in server is kinda dumb (not all but yeh) lik...

Re: Testing

Tadaaah wrote:
xSum wrote:
Tadaaah wrote:It's a greeting with a GIF. I greet everyone with a GIF.

Helloooo, where's my greeting GIF? :D

Did I miss you? Have a GIF!

What about me? :D

Re: Fishing or cooking?

I tried both but fishing still newbie found out cooking is very good for high lvl people but kinda boring like need to fsrm wheet and those items kinda sucks but soo usefull to use in bosses like the things u cook instead of resto pots, and started fishing like 3 days ago i guess and found its fun a...

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