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Re: Disposable mounts......bah!

Or...allow us to purchase mount whistles with gold. Why are we allowed to purchase an item (pet food) that allows us to get our pets stats and skill back after an hour but when our battle mount dies which happens more often we're forced to travel back to castle to revive it? Wheres the sense in tha...

Re: Closed Beta Test!

Hey Heroes, Emails will be going out shortly to the 70 players selected to participate in the Corrupted Gardens closed beta test! We estimate the build will be live on Thursday March the 1st so those selected make sure you have Testflight downloaded and keep an eye on the forums for further announc...

Re: Too Easy to Scam in CH

If there’s going to be loaned items there must be some why that you know instantly just by looking at in item in a trade menu that that item is a loaned item. This would prevent people from ‘loaning’ and item when they other player things their selling it to them.

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