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Rogue Solo Dex Build

So my rogue is 117 now & being generally solo I have a hard time levelling. I have warden armor (working on meteor, nobody's selling the drops) & no good luck due to not having much gold. With that being said does anybody know a good dex build for soloing where I could stay alive and do some...

Epona WeChat

So I guess there's an Epona wechat, any details on that? How do I get in it (I never used wechat before only downloaded it for this, I use IG FB & SC)

Power levelling partner (Lir)

I just recently returned to CH after a year & have to start on a new account. Currently a lv 20 ranger wondering if anybody would be down to grind out quests (or mob farm if that's how you roll). We could wipe through shalemont easily then farm Drake's in Fingal cave from lv 45 to about 50. Add ...

Need leveling up partner

I'm currently lv 18 and I plan to actively play this game, but being a druid it's kinda hard to do missions. Now that the enemies are getting tougher and multiple of them are attacking me my heals get interrupted and I die. I need someone to grind with, preferably a dps but Idc what role you are. My...

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