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Pet Question

I'm wondering how big of a difference does tier makes? not level, but the tier. For example let's say a lvl 6 Brown Spider deals 100 damage (just as an example, as a reference), how much damage would a lvl 6 Silver Spider deal? (aprox) Is it double? triple? how big of a difference is it? Thank you

Duskshadow Armor

I have 2 out of 5 armor pieces, I'm wondering if any of you have the following items to obtain the armor from the quest:

- Cowl: MacCronin Goblets
- Leggings: MacCronin Torcs
- Robe: MacCronin Idols

Either to spare or for sale, I have 2k gold :)

Thank you

Re: New Player - Server Question

I've been trying some servers, mainly looking for new players to level up / do low level bosses and all that stuff, I enjoy playing druid so as a new player soloing bosses with that class is not really easy. Well, I haven't been lucky, higher levels seem to completely ignore me whenever I approach t...

Few noob questions :)

I'm leveling up and I was wondering few things: 1.- Are there any NPC stores to buy low level items? (armor and weapons) - I'm a ranger 2.- Is there an NPC where I could sell noob items for gold? 3.- Is there a way to increase my Ranger's auto attack speed? 4.- Are bows the only weapon option for Ra...

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