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Re: Aeon kills Necro

Hey all, first of all this I am one of the Generals of Aeon. Would like to say I'm very proud of everyone who took part into bringing the beast down. To give you guys who wants some context behind the history of this 'rivalry'. Aeon was merger between pillars and illuminati.(the clans that the indiv...

Re: Question

^ haha

I'm hoping that it's a secret message from a developer trying to send a secret message out discretly that I have to somehow decipher.

Re: Wepon droppers

The general feedback from my clannies having seen the stats and such of all the weapons. Only hammer, dagger and Bow are desirable. Althought the level requirement is 180, I would not choose the weapon drop over a hrung skull/book. But melee weapons do look decent-ish. Would like to he my hand on a ...


I might just be being daft, but I have never seen this message before. I tried doing it again but can't seem to find a way. For those who can't load the picture it is a screenshot of a sentence in white text saying 'mailbox looks friendly' so my question is, is there a particular trigger for this me...

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