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Re: How To Disband a Clan?

Eragon123 wrote:
Sgt slotter wrote:What happens if you make a noob alt the chief then delete the noob alt character?

It becomes a ghost clan :shock:

That's an interesting idea. This could be a nice way to try it!

Why go through all that trouble making a noob when you can easily disband your clan by deleting your main toon? :D

Re: Ice Dragon or Ice Phoenix?

Zyz wrote:My question though is can more than 1 person use the dragon skills of the same type at the same time?

The initial damage yes, but the dot will depend on whoever has the higher skill level - which is not bad considering the dot is only base damage.

Re: Recipe stats

Thecaviar stats are wrong i think? Thought it was 240 dex and 100 piercing dmg for normla. Not 240 and 240, becuz an exquisite ir perfected at 360 pierce dmg or 480 pierce dmg would be literally insane and those autos would easily go up by like 8k dmg or smthin. That's possible, if it was nerfed si...

Re: CG oh T8vsT10

The best solution would be to nerf the damage of all the rogue offhands, and let t8/t9/t10 all be applied at the same time. I like this direction, but I think it would be better if the nerf depends on the number of oh skills are currently being used. If it’s solo then the damage would be high but w...

Re: Impersonation

People creating characters to impersonate others with the intent to scam is an actionable offense. Please report it to our support team. Friendly reminder: Pay attention to who you are trading with! Even if the name is familiar, look at their level and equipment and if they are on your friends list...

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