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Re: Reindeer Pet in Action

they should change the 1500 scholar to 400 heat 400 cold 400 magic resist. Would have been better That’d probably make it really op lol, but definitely worth getting as an end game tank if it had those resists. Without the defense of a salve and resists of a Phoenix, I’m not sure if many tanks will...

Re: Whats best Tank Pet

It’s basically an economic option to save you from resto spamming for energy. It’s the skills which are an energy drain, not the bosses ._. Pig offers both 180 Vit and also acts as a source of hp, energy regen. The rabbits heal might be greater, but the 180 focus is a complete waste. Also for better...

Re: Whats best Tank Pet

If you’re a tank who’s struggling to stay alive, then rabbit might be a better option since the heal is instant. However, 180 vit over 180 focus and having the instant energy recovery is preferred by most end game tanks( almost all the tanks on my server use a pig ).

Re: Whats best Tank Pet

before I start my infos about bosses and tanking are from 2016 I’m wondering why some would say Phoenix better ? Is it for the type of resistances that ( I assume) suits eg bosses more? or for the Focus and types of Evasions? Or because new gears that provide a lot of defence ? Also , is rabbit sti...

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