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Re: Questions about Sulis

Just a question, Definately not rogue cuz (im not rich, nor a plat buyer...nor anything with money), what classes are TRClan and SoldiersofJah lacking in? Druid? Warrior? Mage? Toaster? I'd say end game wise Mages are needed for help on spirits with offhand and lures, Druids are useful for healing ...

Re: Mount Shop

I agree id like to see a speed mount available forever that isnt a battle mount. It can be generic but this would be extremely useful especially for new servers like Nuada

Re: Something has to be done

ima be honest the lvl 200s stats are nice, anyways ive seen people use speedhacks n calling themselfes the flash, well.. i understand some ppl may speed the way from ley to 180 (joke), anyways its kinda lame how ppl use crit hacks and rly just a matter of time till more will do it. otm cud.. perhap...

Re: Something has to be done

Not condoning speed hacking, but how is that a big deal? Not like they are hacking crits... If your clan called Mord and has to go all the way from ley to mord while another clan speed hacks to get there in 10 seconds how is that fair? its a big deal when it comes to raid bosses and playing fair. T...

Re: Something has to be done

I made a previous post in general about speed hacking only for muldar to tell me We are aware of this issue, unfortunately due to the method the modification is performed, creating limiters may have adverse affects on the client. That being said I will raise the issue with our Programming Team, if y...

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