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Re: Server crashed

LadyNymeria wrote:
Shivahh wrote:
LadyNymeria wrote:How many other servers had started raid bosses? :/

My server did

Really now ... :lol:

Yeah I think my leaders gonna be disappointed that I didn't kill necro in 5 minutes...oh what ever shall I do I'm in trouble!!!

Re: Server crashed

Schwing wrote:
Shivahh wrote:What kinda relationship do you have with them, for them to reply to you on an off day ;)

I wish I had off days, I'm sure many players can confirm I'm often answering stuff over weekends and at night.

<3 I'll tip u my aeon Highlander hat

Re: Server crashed

Well now I’m starting to feel special lol but I just messaged staff members on the forum in pm until I got a reply lol all caps “URGENT!!!”. Some of them get indications at home from messages. It’s important that mass duping is stopped as soon as possible or a game can be ruined. This duper was giv...

Re: Server crashed

I’m only aware of it happening on Nuada. Idk if it was on multiple servers, but in the past support took all servers down to ban and remove the duper items/gold. Support replied to my report shortly before servers went down, so yes they know about it, and are working on it rn. What kinda relationsh...

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