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Re: Worked for Mabon....

This post makes no sense by relating it to Mabon...they say they got their FIRST BT HELM on May 22nd (unless it was killed a few days before post idk). Its just lucky of the draw. U can get a helm but it might not be warrior, their first helm isnt even warrior, its druids. and none of ur helms is i...

Re: Spirit Pets

I disagree, you get a pet for about 10.28m vs 18m for a jackpot pet and it's going to be just as useful if not more? Depends on the server. Here on Epona tokens are 25k each so it’ll cost like 7m maximum... so actually cheaper. For the price of a spirit pet to be the same as a “premium” pet, tokens...

Re: Subpar Gear = No Rolls?

1st- If an amazing item drops, we don’t want someone who wore bad gear and didn’t do their fair share killing the boss to win it. If they were allowed to roll, let’s say they rolled 100, and I roll 99, they win, but do they deserve it? No. They wouldn’t have contributed nearly as much as I would’ve...

Re: Seedling

Delphinus? Think what he meant was it increases damage output to others affected by ur pets aura. Ur pets aura doesn’t boost ur own damage as much as it boosts others. Increasing ability increases the dmg others get boosted by ur aura. It’s more of a support buff for others as opposed to urself. Th...

Re: Arena glitch

Gradually my game started lagging in there and then for some reason my well fed dragon was gone, when i kept hotswapping different gear it would come back.
Example: tapped a prot expose ring and then i got my well fed dragon back then tap back to blood ring amd my pets gone again

Re: The pig pet

The instant energy doesn't scale with ability just like the dragons dot doesn't, only the heal per tick does.
I have a t6 pink pig and ability was at 583 and the I stand energy was 408 and heal per tick was 135 or so

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