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Re: What are your hobbies?

Goodness lol, what can't you do?

I do a bit of piano, and I tried guitar.
I love to read, but don't really have much time for that anymore.
One day, I would love to get into cars, drawing, martial arts, and juggling.

Re: New item drop locations

Hellforged brace - The trolls huddled up in the middle Apostate Brace - South west corner mage in alchemical https://i.postimg.cc/SxTnWQ0p/B62-F43-E5-2700-485-A-B621-A73623-D2645-D.jpg Hellforged dropped months ago, apostate dropped within 24hrs prior to me posting this - they do exist and please f...

Re: Bloodthorn bash

I’d just like to say that Bloodthorn Bash is a great name for an event :lol:
Hereby petition to rename Samhain 2019 as The Monster Mash

(Oh yeah, and pots are reallly annoying, like at least give vines like a triple drop rate making them easier to obtain)

Re: Looking for some Spice in your Life? 60 Chest Give Away News

Thank you for 200 subs! As promised the usual chest give away will commence in the next video however this one will have more winners! Difinitus pmed me on forums offering 50 chests to the next give away! Im excited and think they are best given away to 6 winners including my 10 chests for a total ...

Re: Samhein Event!

+1 Samhain is the best. In fact, if you wanna bring out a new fashion go for something spooky like hunter (don't necessarily just reskin hunter), maybe something ninja-esqe (something relatively dark, kinda goes along with the eastern theme the game has been leaning toward). Might even do some new i...

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