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Re: Bug?

In the center of the map, at the “!”, is a leystone. Go directly right from there through the waterfall. There are the hidden rooms

Re: Medical Marijuana

As someone who has recreationally, and medically used marijuana for over 20 yrs there are a lot of benefits to THC, also a few side effects that can be inconvenient. Paranoia and passing out for instance. The benefits, IMO, outweigh the ill effects. I sleep better, it’s lessened the pain I’ve garner...

Re: Online bullying how is the best way to deal with it.?

That sucks to hear Mike. Bullies are basically insecure people who lash out to make themselves feel better. Reciprocating their attitude and tactics just reinforces their insecurities and will make it worse. In the past when I was “bullied”, I used humor to turn it against them, generally self depre...

Re: New item drop locations

The question I have is if it caps, and at what point. Because even though it does .86 dmg/point of focus, that’s not horrid dmg if you have, say 10k focus. And will it crit? It’s not the best lux but I could definitely see uses for it. 10k focus .-. Obviously that’s not possible :). But just saying...

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