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Re: Update

Are negative responses being deleted? I find it hard to believe everyone is ok with this. If the game was updated every 3 months and the update was delayed, fair enough. But it’s outrageous when the updates are so few and far between. Especially when the main ‘highlight’ seems to be a leystone... We...

Re: Love CH!

The issue isn’t that the game sucks, it clearly doesn’t. It has so much unfulfilled potential and that is the issue. That it is mostly unfulfilled. There are no other games out there like it hence why people play. There is a magic to it that most other similar mobile games do not have and I’ve tried...

Re: Pegasus

It’s funny Cos we literally don’t care and you want us to care so bad :D

Btw since we are sharing stuff from Peg clan chat, you might like this. congrats winner!!


Re: Pegasus

Well you do kind of make yourself a target of mockery when you go into Pegasus-free chats to boast about Nuada killing Dino and saying RIP Pegasus when it literally has no effect on us or any meaning to us whatsoever...

But whatever you jack off to at night dude...

Re: Pegasus

You took it out of context to make it look like we want you. Conveniently didn’t post the part where it was said ‘You could not pay me all the money in the world to accept that little s**t stirrer into clan’ Would you like us to start a GoFundMe to get your some therapy to help you get over your wei...

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