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Re: Clan

Bleh that's annoying, I should be able to help you out with discs and rems/tabs until you get 130. PM me class and ign.

Re: Restart

Hi, I am looking for an end game minded guild. I would really like one that will consider sponsoring me. I have read the forums on most servers. I am very interested in competitive gaming environments. I am capable of dual boxing. I do not plan on transferring any items, gold or plat. I have the lu...

Re: Clan

Hey Guys, I’m a level 69 Druid, I play everyday at different times during the day and sometimes into the early hours. The clan I am in at the moment isn’t very active, I’m usually always the only one online. So I’m wondering if there is a clan I could join with active members that play most days, w...

Re: Carnage without bosses

Double plat is the real aim of the weekend, a few extra bosses is just a bonus. I personally am glad I don't have to be available all day every weekend in June because I'm worried about losing points... Saying that, however this was coded could use another look, we have almost only smolach and osan,...

Re: E3 WEEK!

I'd say it goes to show that they care for the player base. If you think women don't have spending power when it comes to games, you're wrong. It's high time that companies start to market and reflect that. If you think women weren't involved in any war, you're historically wrong. Stretching to inc...

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