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Re: Carnage without bosses

Double plat is the real aim of the weekend, a few extra bosses is just a bonus. I personally am glad I don't have to be available all day every weekend in June because I'm worried about losing points... Saying that, however this was coded could use another look, we have almost only smolach and osan,...

Re: E3 WEEK!

I'd say it goes to show that they care for the player base. If you think women don't have spending power when it comes to games, you're wrong. It's high time that companies start to market and reflect that. If you think women weren't involved in any war, you're historically wrong. Stretching to inc...

Re: Signing In

Yay welcomeeeeee!!!! :D

Thank you for coming to introduce yourself, super excited to see what you guys bring (Pegasus mounts). You should totally play the game to get to know it better.... (On Gwyd obviously ♥)

Hope the move to Bangkok went well, that's pretty big stuff!

Re: Glorious of Gwydion

Haven't seen it around, sounds like a support issue though rather than something for you to fix yourself. If you know enough details about the account they should be able to get it back for you.

Re: Exciting Times Lie Ahead

I am fully confident that we will be able to go forward as fierce rivals and friends while never resorting to the ugliness that had once befallen this server. Wistful thinking? Not really ^ agree Things are different now and we have a really nice little community, no inter-clan drama. Generally jus...

Re: Next event

Maybe whatever it is doesn't require a reset, regardless would be nice to know so I can plan whether I need to work from home :D I wanna work from home too. I’m gonna call my job and see if they can just bring the boats to my house so I can build them :D I love that you build boats! That's a great ...

Re: Reset Hours

Good to hear feedback from both sides. Would love to have a system that we could turn on/off events based on time-zone. Unfortunately, I think that is a system that would have to been in from the beginning... I hope y'all don't mind if I segway the conversation a bit. BUT, if that was ever possible...

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