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Re: Chest Contents Question

I don’t like what VR did with these chests. Opening chests is no longer fun when you can basically expect to get a mount or black/white fash pieces... after a while of opening my 1500ish chests I grew tired of getting mount after mount after mount. I was excited to get a 95/40 cape because the flam...

Re: Event chests

The mounts were by far the worst part of the chests lol. They’re way too common, even for the 95/100 mounts. Seeing someone with a mythic cape before was cool, but now that there’s 10+ people riding around on mythic capes at a time it’s no longer cool lmao. Yes it’s always great to have more mounts...

Re: Event chests

The chests have been so much better than they used to be. Yes, the fash in these chests sucks but at least that means all the good ones are still to come! I do agree that effect bardings should make more of an appearance because they are amazing. Also @VR on a side note, the most popular fash sets a...

Re: Chest rates gone better?

We did revamp the chests at the last update, mainly removing a lot of old fashion which will now instead be in smaller sets that rotate. Just waiting for those lan chests to roll around (p.s. please make it during double plat) (p.p.s. can we have at least one of the super popular fash sets in each ...

Re: Global Auction House

The balance between number of people you compete with on a server and the benefit you get from having a large player base is important, as soon as you open the economies of active servers to inactive servers then you end up with people who will be net gainers and those who are net losers. People don...

Re: Global Auction House

So against this idea. It will break every economy, free servers will be devastated. @prae as much as you say Eponas ah is full of junk it is one of the few that has circa 40-50 pages of sales at any one time, the only other I have seen is Tara. It would make zero sense to mix a DKP server where sell...

Re: Gwydion


Cheeky monkey :lol:

Send me a mail ig when you start out and I will send you a few things to get you going

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