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Gwyd to Epona

Transferring stuff; gold, items, end game mage things, rare fash. Pretty much anything, if you are reading this 6 months from now and think it's gone, think again, I probably still haven't got rid of it so shoot me a DM.

E ♥

Re: New event

+1 for Gele at least and potentially BT. I get that the first time this was done it went down well with the community but really people don't want the legacies and mord so much these days. (Unless you secretly buff all the legacy drops, that would be great) Also what's up with the week days? Some pe...

Re: If you could..

Would be nice to have a few more people on Gwyd so people don't have to dual log for stuff... Generally any dual logging for bosses is kind of a drain.

Epona is just it's own thing and tbh I wouldn't change it, it's totally different but also so lovely ♥

Re: Switching accounts glitch

Anyone else get this annoying glitch when you switch accounts under the same user and pass, then you click log in and you get the spinning wheel screen for ever. Omg this. So glad you mentioned it. Driving. Me. Mad. Make sure to clear your cache ;) What is this? My phone is only like 3 weeks old so...

Re: What happened to Avalon?

I was there when Songz was kicked out of Avalon for loot stealing, it seem years later he still likes to delude himself. Songz was not a member of Avalon when we finally decided to call it quits, so his opinions are just that, opinions. He doesn't have first hand knowledge, he only has hearsay and ...

Re: Help me choose a server

Thanks and which server to actually settle in ? Epona or other ? Epona is nice in many ways but also extremely expensive when buying drops, though chest items are cheap, and weirdly hard to actually buy drops on because there are so many transfers who also need. If you want to be geared quickly you...

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