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Re: *Invite to a new project*

It doesn't make sense to create a database. Servers run on supply and demand. In the end it's always the seller that sets the price with many merchants ignoring basic prices. Making a database will undermine their power of controlling the price. Not worth spending your time on this.

Re: CG Boss Tampering

Images of your clans' chat have been circulating also to other Servers and we've seen how your clan degraded her. I think it's her right to cry because of body shaming, sexual jokes etc. are not okay. After seeing a picture of people ask to behead comp or even shoot them I was close to throwing up. ...

Re: CG Boss Tampering

ZeroMagicGaming wrote:@OTM, where can I send some ss of our comp clan saying real life threatening things to me? They wanna ban us for no reason. I have some ss also.

But didn't your clan report your chief banned in the first place? lol

Re: New player! ;p

OK sorry Your Nightmare i promise i wont do it again. :) ;) So who in ds forced you to write this apology for simply speaking your mind and " not fitting the small clan narrative"? Were you threatened with demotion in Ds for speaking your mind on the forums? LOL, this comes from you. What...

Re: The issue with Celtic heroes

Before this descends into a clan argument, please remain on topic and be respectful to your fellow community members. If you wish to discuss the topic further please do so via PM, any future posts will be deleted. Thank you To stay on track, The issue with Celtic Heroes is that all the small clans ...

Re: The issue with Celtic heroes

From Units and Colors in Arawn to Aeq in Balor, Celtic heroes seems to get its fair share of negativity. Of course this is normal for a game, but ive just recently come back from a break just to see even more drama. Clearly this will never stop, but OTM refuses to adress the issue publicly, and if ...

Re: Revised Revival chests, @OTM

I'm trying to stop you jealous lazy players from getting the same advantages as the older, more dedicated players, and find no shame in saying it. However, this is beyond that, because we are talking about server economies in a whole, not just individuals. Nonsense. Stop talking about how much your...

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