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Re: Thanks To OTM

Why in Gods name do people defend a company for screwing up their product? You aren't taking Muldars sister to the damn prom. It's a business. They're supposed to profit. And they are supposed to produce a usable item for consumers. Stop acting like they are our besties. Not even inviting me to the...

Re: Server Downtime - 10:30 AM BST - Launch of Cross Platform

Vulkar wrote:
LightStruck wrote:
kingokkillers wrote:
When does work normally end?

In the UK its usually 6pm more or less

No, it's almost 9:30 there... cuz Google

Ya its 21:25 right now, i live in UK too :D , just saying that the usual time for work to finish is 6pm, but these guys are wayyyyy past that line :lol:

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