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Re: The beta?

Brindyn wrote:
Killface wrote:
Alexxia wrote:
Muldar I have faith in you! Use the force and give me beta :lol:


I bet 2 weeks from now if the beta isn't ready everyone is gonna complain, diss otm, and try to make muldar feel bad.

Then pursue legal action and demand free platinum.

Re: Enough with the AH BS

I agree with what another poster said. Hand out IP bans. People who scam for their money probably dont want to buy plat. I know many plat buyers who were scammed and they quit, taking their wallets with them. The worst part is that some people create throwaway accounts and simply mail their items aw...

Re: Can scammed get banned?

Yes, they can. Scamming isnt tolerated and the player can get banned. Repercussions for Scamming Users Whilst all trades between users are final, and traded items or gold will not be returned, this does not mean that scamming will not be acted on. Scamming is not tolerated and this policy cannot be ...

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