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Re: Brazilian new to celtic heroes

issler wrote:Is that just me or vendor pay different amount of gold for items you sell?

also, i was not able to find a wiki or something for celtic heroes. Does anyone know a forum or site that explain the game mechanics? thanks

Yea all vendors are different best ones are shalemont and ow lux shops

Re: Grieving

How is griefing a clan on a boss to make them wipe and waste everyone’s time and recources a ‘game mechanic’? Griefing like pulling ghosts on necro and rooting necro near the, or messing up xtals at gele should be bannable because you are wasting people’s recources, which, to me, sounds like an ele...

Re: Golden Helm of Bloodlust

Good question. Well... you see I don't see a point in being endgame. When you are endgame all you do is camp, and try to get the best gear, and maybe try to level over the softcap. I know because I was endgame at one point. And you know what happened? A higher lv cap and new gear were added and eve...

Re: Smallz

Dude literally 90 percent of players screw people on alts. Specially those rich and high lvl players they all got there by screwing people secretly. Ik i wouldnt have made it as far as i have without getting one over on a few people atleast. The fact you did it on a main and made it work to end game...

Re: Arawn Competition: Fishing Fashion Sets screenshot!

How did you have to spend money on this comp lol If you have to ask that im gonna assume your a noob and dont know anythinf about the game as theres atleast 10 different ways to spend money on the comp I didn’t spent any money and I got 2nd place. Please tell us how did you spent money on it?[/quot...

Re: Arawn Competition: Fishing Fashion Sets screenshot!

Still havent gotten mine. But now that its untradable idc anyways as i got in on my old char i dont play on so i can wear it on my main.... Thats kinda ******** all other comp stuff has been tradable but now this new in game comp stuff isnt. Feels useless and worthless now. Could careless about it....

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