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Re: New item drop locations

Apparently VR is lying... they say: "New rare mobs have invaded Dal Riata, these mobs can drop unique new loots. These new rare spawns have a chance to appear when you kill specific mobs in the game. They are slighter bigger (and tougher) versions of the originals." , , , Mobs are not new...

Re: New item drop locations

How many stars did the mob have? I'm assuming 4, was the rare mob significantly bigger than the others like it or was it just slightly bigger? I think this is an old weapon from the weapon shard npcs that have been around for a while. The new items don’t have BOE. It didn't drop off a weapon shard ...

Re: New item drop locations

At least there not no trade, unlike their predecessors. There are a few things to consider though: -Do they replace older apprentice and master enemies -If so, do they drop their item one hundred percent of the time or are there still weapon shards -For the similar weapons/ jewellery, does one boss...

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