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Lost items during trading how do I get them back please.

I was cooking on my main, and running out of ingredients while on a lix of course :( I logged my alt different account and bought all them ingredients needed. I traded while in the tavern. But when I went to carryon cooking they were not there, and they were not on my alt either. I have sent a suppo...

Re: Reset herne please

Difinitus wrote:We're investigating what happened but it's back online.

Yes was back online very fast thank you, base spawned in stead of prime :( but a very busy day on Herne with resets and raids lol I’m so tired

Re: Fishing spots after 110?

Hi fisherman, you have fishing spot - in Fingal's Cave (level 110 to 149. You can forget the western area for archaic relics) - in OW (level 150 to 159 but you must have a good view because everything is fixed in green color ^^) - in Dunskeig Sewer (level 160 to 169. Put yours speed boots if you ha...

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