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Re: Unable to Log In via Facebook

Hello, Facebook notified us of an issue with their service platform that affected numerous games and apps that used Facebook Login. There was nothing that we could do on our end, but it does appear that the issue has been resolved by Facebook and players are able to login normally again. We apologi...

Update delayed, thank you for update but could you at least give us more sneak info to help us pass the time.

Hey there, it is what it is I guess of course everyone is very disappointed. The truth is it’s the holidays and more people play at this time but thank you for letting us know it’s being delayed. Is there any chance you could share something else/more, about the update so we have something to discus...

Re: July update

Yep July for sure, they did say they cannot be tied to a date but will be July, so let’s hope it drop with in the next few days.
I don’t mind waiting until August but am hoping will be much sooner. September is way too late :(

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