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Re: Dino downed on Donn

TY all it was a fun clan moment & worth the grind. I won't say it wasn't stressful and we certainly had our share of frustration along the way. But getting that 1st kill under our belt showed us anything is posible if we work as one team instead of 30 individuals. Congrats Concordiia!

Re: Clan Owned Gear

As in life, survival of the fittest and those willing to put the effort in get rewarded. Watching MMO's evolve over the years I see no change in them bit a definite change in the attitudes of the people playing them. Always looking to get the best stuff with the least effort & work and then cryi...

Re: Clan Owned Gear

Using a team to further personal advancement is silly to me. I say it's better to have Dom Clans than chaos and no loyalty to those around you. Also helps keep the greedy entitled people in check. But just my opinion. I believe in loyalty, honor, & integrity. Sure wish the world did too. Getting...

Re: Hey, I'm new to donn and i'm happy to call it my second home.

Just wow. This world is turning into an entitled "watch out for my feelings" kind of place. SMH at the future. People are going to disagree & defend and speak their mind. Better thing to do would be to practice patience/tolerance/acceptance rather than trying to stifle someone else's o...

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