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Re: Hey forum administrators

Tell the lemmings to do their job. U cost me more here in time than this damn OTM is worth its pathetic. If the plebs want to side with the peons here so be it. I have no use wasting my time here. I don't get banned I leave. Please don't pretend to be more important than u are. The delusions of fant...

Hey forum administrators

Whoever u are , how dare u insult me by warning me when these trolls all jump on me. Maybe I'll just have to spam report every one of them? Instead of being lazy go read. Or play the game and fix it. Your just a board moderator. Nothing else. Don't talk Down to people just Bc u think u have some sor...

Re: Cooperative vs dom server

You seem to have a grudge against dom clans.... anybody who has seen my posts in the last year or two will know I'm not in one lol. Not really a grudge but I have faught against them . Have only been on forums just recently. Saw the dom side and the epona side. I think cooperative servers are more ...

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