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Re: What are the odds

The chance of Hrung and Mord spawning at the exact same second is 1 / 16,796,160,000 .. within 2 seconds of each other would be half of that, etc etc What's Aggy spawn window? 32h? Idk, let's use that. The chance of Aggy also spawning in the 20 minutes after that Mord/Hrung is 1 / 1,612,431,360,000 ...

Re: Something has to be done

Oh look ^ it's that fella JR who requested destiny video call him to prove she was in fact a woman. (It seems naming and shaming is allowed on this thread whoops). There's no real need to bring account trading into this as all leaders of all clans on Sulis are guilty of this aren't we guys? As you c...

Re: Something has to be done

Let's not try to derail the thread and start talking about Divine Strike/Crit hacking shall we? On that note, can we get somebody with a reasonable knowledge of servers-n-shit to stand up and call BS on this accusation? This kind of thing is generated server-side so unless 1337 have hacked the serve...

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