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Re: Global Castle feedback

Appreciate the feedback thus far on the Castle! We knew things would feel a little chaotic in the beginning and we are confident that activity will settle and players will find it a lot more pleasant. I highly doubt that. It will happen. I’m sure atleast 70% of the players in there now are people w...

Re: Global Castle feedback

My game is laggy as hell.. It takes forever to load since i updated and its not my phone.. Even bounty board giving problems it wont let me accept bounties even tho i clicked on it a dozen times.. When am in castle every 10 mins or so i get movement glitch where my toon cant move at all and i cant t...

Re: Sigils

Wardon-CH wrote:
Tadaaah wrote:No, this is not a service we offer.

Tbh I think it would be a great thing to be able to remove sigils on a character.

+1 to that. :D

Re: Deleted Toons

Lol im looking back at my forum history and I actually didn't email support I private messaged admin through the forums It took about 3 hours this was back in 2012 though maybe OTM is more formal now idk. Just give them all your character info username and pass. and this was on a weekday don't know...

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