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Re: Whats your favorite Anime??

My favorites: Evangelion (ily muldar) Berserk Re:zero Highscool DxD! Steins;gate Sword art online .. more Ps: here is my animelist https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Runfasteatass&view=tile&status=7 :) my myanimlist acc is larger ._. https://myanimelist.net/profile/Heroskill is in sig too ._...


Hey why is this server so underrated?
Like i see a lot of people trying to xfer out of herne lately what is happening?

Re: What servers are active?

Welp, looks like I've found my new drama source... can someone pass me the popcorn? To the OP, epona is another good option for an active server. It's the opposite of gwydion, with no lock battles or competition. I'd recommend looking at both 'all about epona' and 'all about epona updated' in the e...

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